Monday, February 9, 2009


Ah, Monday. Or should I say Mod-day? Today, I'm debuting a couple of my weekend purchases. I tried on this knit dress from Sears in December, but decided it wasn't worth the $50 price tag (a little out of my price range for something so simple). So, you can imagine my elation when I nabbed it for $8.99. I'm pretty sure it was the last one in my size, and it wasn't in it's proper place, so I really had to rummage for it. Sears - 0. Me - 1.

I did immediately replace the boring black belt it came with with this old white leather belt from my mom's closet. A little more interesting I think. I've tried to pop the dress a little more by throwing it over my new purple HUE tights from the clearance rack at Bon-Ton for $6.30. Unfortunately, this picture doesn't show just how purple they really are.

Now, my preferred footwear with this would be the killer 5" platform, peep-toe booties I just got, but because I'm dealing with a nagging back/hip/leg injury thing (and I'll admit, they're not really practical for work), I opted for the "sensible" choice and wore my black and white tweedy ballet flats (Target, $10). There was definitely some inner conflict over this one. I'm not a big fan of any injury, but the ones that impede my choice of shoes just really peeve me.

But, seeing as how the warm weekend has melted about 80% of the snow and I can see the grass and our car is now red again (as opposed to the salt-coated white color it's been since December), I really can't complain too much. Happy Monday, kids!