Saturday, February 21, 2009


Yay! I finally got a tripod!

Up until this point, all of my photos have been taken in the exact same location everyday. There's a very good explanation for this: I didn't have a tripod and that location is next to a large window and more importantly, just far enough away from the DVD rack which contains a shelf at the perfect height for self-portraiture. Unfortunately, because my x-ray vision is just not what it used to be, I couldn't view anything in the camera before shooting, including the focus. So, it's pretty much been a crap shoot - literally.

Until now...

Now, I can take pictures here (please ignore the crap under the table):


And here:


And all over town! But I haven't gotten that far yet... YET. Just wait. The fur vest was a gift from my parents a few years ago. It's a little big, but it works perfectly just wrapped and secured with a belt (from my mom's closet). Just a long sleeve Target tee underneath and my new wide leg denim trousers from JCPenney for $10, which I got a couple of weeks ago during my clearance rack raid. Of course I had to hem them a few inches, but they're very soft and have a nice drape to them.

Highlight #2 for the day? Got my tax stuff prepared for my mom - the bean counter and incredibly generous person for graciously crunching our numbers every year. 2 incomes + 2 home-based businesses = no tax fun. Thanks, mom!

And, I got to see the 'rents today during a short jaunt to the countryside for an old friend's birthday. Now, completely exhausted and off to bed. G'nite!

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  1. U are adorable!! Lovin the bigger pics, thanks for the email, I will let you know how mine turn out!